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QA Tester

Chambara (2016)

Developed by team ok LLC for PC, PS4™, and Xbox One.

Chambara was the first console game I shipped and my first title as a QA Tester.


A local multiplayer stealth death-match game that takes place in a dichromatic world, allowing players to seamlessly camouflage themselves with the environment. This empowers players to sneak, search, and ambush each other in dramatic, stylish duels.

My responsibilities on this project:

  • Supervised soak and regression tests utilizing PlayStation 4 and Xbox One development kits.

  • Conducted heavy controller testing to ensure compliance with console requirements.

  • Achieved certification from Sony in first submission to the PlayStation 4 Developer Network.

  • Exhibited Chambara at the EVO 2016 Indie Showcase.

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