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Localization Quality Assurance Tester/Development Support

The Last of Us Part II (February 2019-Present)


The Last of Us Part II is an action-adventure game developed by Naughty Dog, LLC and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation®4.

The Last of Us Part II - The Birthday Gi

My responsibilities on this project:

  • Diagnosed and triaged in-game issues through stability reports, performance captures, and proprietary debugging tools.

  • Executed test plans and curated bug database through DevTrack.

  • Spearheaded weekly check-in meetings with designers, artists, and animators as the point of contact on multiple in-game levels (pictured).

  • Iterated on Nav-Mesh for NPCs to match in-game collision.

  • Proofread and refined Latin American Spanish dialogue, text, and subtitle translations to ensure faithfulness to the source material.

  • Utilized proprietary software to tag in-game surfaces and optimize proper audio propagation, pushing changes through Perforce.

  • Briefed QA Department on changes to assigned levels.

  • Itemized known, severe bugs by level and delivered workaround solutions ahead of the User Research team's focus tests.

  • Co-authored guides for in-game collectible items and trophies.

  • Moderated attendees at the September 2019 hands-on gameplay demo.

  • Provided world-class customer support on the title's Helpshift team.

The Last of Us Part II - Road to the Aqu
The Last of Us Part II - Tracking Lesson
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